The Nalubaale Tale

When we rolled out to start this blog site, we were inspired by the very natural passion that runs thick in our blood. A country whose shortcomings should never overshadow the limitless beauty it possesses, the beauty that roots deep into not just the identity,  I personally flaunt ever so proudly but also the very DNA that we have inherited from our ancestors. The very DNA that inspired our founding fathers who set a uniform precedence that we have over numerous decades of our existence willingly embraced, “For God and my Country”. A country that’s without a doubt the Pearl of Mighty Africa.

Over the years, we have politicized every achievement that this beautiful country has realized henceforth drawing out of logical perspective. We have made arguments about this landlocked country that sometimes do not reflect the journey we take or give this republic the credit it fully deserves. While many of us have lost our selves all forms of distillates and brews that are to a large percentage produced from the very country we call home, I ventured out into the night bliss of the new bridge; the Nalubaale Bridge. Now, I have been in many parts of this resplendent flower we call Uganda but nothing in my 23 years of life beats this marvelous of architectural marvel that moves you across the longest river in Africa.

I honestly haven’t comprehended if it’s the fine architectural masterpiece or the fascinatingly blinding display of overwhelming lighting that has me drawn to this indescribable amusement, or both. Anyway, what I have to say is that the Nalubaale Bridge is a work of sheer commitment, endless effort, an,  determination not just to ease transportation but to ease it in sheer style.

If I was Zari Hassan, the tourism ambassador who hails from Busoga, my pivot of attraction would move away from my delicious bodily curves and eye-opening glimmer that has become a popular song and I would redirect it to the newly commisioned Nile Bridge. Gosh! It’s not just a work of art but a historical step to a future we should have realized yesterday.
As I walked gently across the new bridge, with a bottle of my favorite distillate clutched hard in my right hand, I couldn’t fail to appreciate the transportation advancement that was displayed right in front of my naked eyes. The lights that shone like the envision of the very Shangri-la that fairy tales sing about and the night view of the pitch-black surfaced the Nile that blew an unwinding breeze which swept off the journey’s fatigue off of me. I grew fondest of the vast endless land that I have called home. Uganda has limitless potential, to grow, to flourish, and to put a mark on the world buffet that we are worthy enough an international cuisine that every human living across the huge planet should dine into and experience.
For a few minutes, I looked past the many challenges that burden this nation that sits on the Eastern plane of Africa. I focused on the potential we have to thrive, away from being the most accommodating country in regard to refugees, or the compassionate heart to foster peace around the African continent. My potential for my motherland to thrive lies in the very geographical, environmental and climatic gifts that shoot us up to the epitome of natural endowment we so desperately need to take advantage of.
The driver of the vehicle I wastravelingling called me to jump back on board, I was quite honestly dazzled by what was striking brightly right on the face of my eyes. I was lost to the dream; a vision of not just where I see Uganda in a few years but the minimum best of what we should have achieved by now.

Uganda is a wealthy country, with the capacity of being a face of everything Africa needs to be identified by. An economic power, a number one tourist destination, a home for the global village and a light beaming with jaw-dropping rays that spread out to the rest of the universe. Uganda is a gem, and all we need is to explore that uniqueness, and while Nalubaale Tales is looking into this direction, it needs everyone to embrace this vision. Uganda is the Pearl of Africa.

Author: Marshall

I’m a creative writer who picks inspiration from my day to day interactions with people from all walks of life and social status. I run an online movement, My ghetto story; The prognosis of a ghetto child where I get to interact and write stories about children in the slums which I publish on my Facebook page. Through this, I’m able to find help for these children. I am fascinated by and love photography.

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