Bobi Wine – 2021 beckons

The countdown to 2021 in Uganda is on. That is when we will hold our next elections. Amendments to Laws have been made and campaigns are already in full gear. NRM the rolling party has already announced it’s candidate. Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi has also said he intends to run. On Thursday last week,... Continue Reading →

Women’s Bodies are Not for Tourism

  Uganda’s leaders are at it again. Tourism minister, Hon Godfrey Kawanda beginning this week decided that he would be launching a beauty pageant to celebrate "curvy women".  The competition will be called: " Miss Curvy  Uganda".It is unbelievable that in 2019, a Ugandan minister believes that parading curvaceous women's will boost Uganda's tourism. Uganda... Continue Reading →

The Nalubaale Tale

When we rolled out to start this blog site, we were inspired by the very natural passion that runs thick in our blood. A country whose shortcomings should never overshadow the limitless beauty it possesses, the beauty that roots deep into not just the identity,  I personally flaunt ever so proudly but also the very... Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day, Uganda

I had a conversation with my Dad earlier today morning. He was ironing his red T-shirt when he remarked - this used to be a day when we all wore red because of UPC. (Uganda People's Congress, a political party known to exist from the 1960's.) ME: But Kabaka Mutesa was given charge on Independence... Continue Reading →

Who is advising our government on Policy?

A hilarious video made rounds on social media mocking the recent policy decisions of the government. A man clearly elated by something the interviewer asks, bursts into fits of laughter and can barely speak throughout the interview forcing the interviewer to join in. An ingenious Ugandan loosely translates the conversation to fit the current debacle... Continue Reading →

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